When it comes to website designing, the bottom line of a Republic Web Developer expert is to make it functional and at the same time, enjoyable for the end users. The top priority should be the user experience and thus, one should know beforehand the things that must not be done. 

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What are the taboos in web designing? Check this out:

  • Never make the visitors lose their patience

The first thing that will annoy users is when the site will take too long to load. Thus, this should be your first concern as even if you are in their shoes, for sure you won’t put up with it. After all, the other options are just a click away. 

  • Never let users open new tabs for internal links

As your goal is the comfort and ease of use for the users, when planning for internal links, they should be opened in the same tabs. This way, the “back” button can be used by the users. Nevertheless, if the need arises, there should be a warning so the user will know ahead and can decide whether he will go for that new tab or not. 

  • Avoid using multiple typefaces

There are times when you want to use more than one typeface for artistic reasons or to put emphasis. Multiple typefaces in one interface can make it look chaotic. If you have to, you should limit it and see the overall result if the different typefaces did make your site better in all aspects. 

  • Avoid using too many different colors

When it comes to the use of colors, again, too many can cause chaos and disorderliness. So, as much as possible, use only different colors when necessary like you want to emphasize something and so on. They should only be for direction and not be used for artistic purposes as sometimes. The opposite will be achieved. 

  • Don’t welcome your visitors with pop ups

If you are the user, would you like it if the moment you open the site, you will be welcomed with multiple pop ups? You will be annoyed for sure and unless, there is a very important reason in that site, you might just close it right away. 

The bottom line when you are designing a website is to always think the end users. They are the king in every business and thus, a businessman should avoid at all cost of getting at their bad side.