The first move should be to free up your connection as much as possible. Many of us run applications like Netflix in the background while playing games, while others prefer to stream music. If you have a slow connection, it is a good idea to suspend these applications from running. The Time fibre unlimited home broadband Malaysia service is the best one in this case.

Time fibre unlimited home broadband Malaysia

Move The Console Closer To The Router

The further away you are from the router, the longer it will take to transmit information from the console to your modem. Likewise, if there are several obstacles between you and the router, the connection will slow down significantly. One way to speed it up and make your gaming session more performing is certainly to bring your console as close as possible to the router.

Do Not Use The Wireless Connection

It is evident that one of the greatest strengths of the new generation consoles is that they can be placed anywhere in the house without the need to use cables. But if you are a more serious gamer then you have no choice: you need a cable connection. Not only do upload and download speeds become extremely faster, knowing what is a very high-speed network, latency also drops significantly.

You Don’t Need A More Expensive Internet Connection

Many times it is mistakenly believed that the major cause of an internet slowdown is solely due to the plan you have with your provider. This is partly not true, unless you have inadequate download and upload speeds. Check these metrics by running an online speed test so that you have the latest information on your internet connection. If the parameters are lower than those promised by your operator, consider changing by choosing someone who can guarantee you the best coverage in the area where you live.

For some time, many have been asking us what is the best connection to play online given the importance it assumes, every day, in the world of gaming. It must be said before talking about everything that it is very difficult to answer a question like this which depends on different parameters that change from user to user (residential area, type of console, type of game, etc.).