Many different roofing materials can be found in Malaysia, which may be beneficial to homeowners who are looking for a new roof. The lifespan, beauty, and cost of these materials are all different from one another.

Here is a list of some of the numerous roofing Malaysia materials that you may want to investigate more.

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Shingles made of asphalt

Among the most frequent and least costly roofing shingle options for both residential and commercial buildings, this kind is the most popular. Organic or fibreglass components are used in the construction of this alternative material, which has an average lifespan of up to 20 years. Because of the large number of pattern and colour choices available, this is the most often used roofing material in the world.

Roofing Made of Metal

Metal roofing is available in two different styles: shingles and complete sheets. Because it is a beautiful and cost-effective choice for a new building, this kind of roofing is becoming more popular in the area as more and more developers select it for their new projects. These are lightweight and resilient, and they are available in a number of colours!

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles have an average lifetime of 30 years and are an aesthetically appealing choice, but they come with a number of disadvantages as well. Aside from being more expensive, they also require more care and are more susceptible to harm from the elements and deterioration.

Slate Roofing Shingles 

However, despite its expensive price, this popular alternative has a lifetime of more than 100 years, making it the most long-lasting choice now accessible. A number of buildings with slate roofs dating back to the Shakespearean period are still standing today, showing the durability of this material choice. Its fire-resistant properties, which are derived from natural stone, distinguish it as a top contender!

Clay shingles 

Both developers and homeowners prefer the look of tile or clay shingles as an alternative to wood shingles because of its durability and low maintenance. Tiles made of ceramic have a lengthy life expectancy of nearly 100 years and need little to no care, compared to slate tiles. Nonetheless, since the majority of them are constructed of terracotta, they are susceptible to breaking. Before installing slate or tile shingles, consult with your contractor to ensure that your house is capable of supporting the weight of these large chunks of stone.