Health experts continue to inform the public that there are many benefits to it besides baby-making.  There is a plethora of reasons why having sex is actually good for the body, the mind, and the relationship and here are four of them.

1.     It is empowering 

Women are often force-fed the narrative that sex is for child-bearing and pleasing their husbands, but sex is more than that. For many, it is part of their identity as individuals, and so many invest in sex-toys for self-pleasuring where they get to decide what they like for themselves. They control their devices. Sex toys are more popular than ever among married, single people and cohabitating couples. They offer the kind of intimacy that rekindles the passion of the bedroom and many of them are small enough to be portable so that you can easily carry them with you on your second honeymoon or to a lovely hotel for a weekend. Sex toys Malaysia can give you exactly what you need to spice things up. But while they do add passion to the atmosphere, it is important to know how to take care of your toys as well. Not only does this help reduce the likelihood of infection, it keeps your toys durable and last longer to give you the best pleasure for a long time. 

2.     It is relaxing

Sex releases hormones and chemicals that relax the body, reduce stress and improve your mood. The sudden release is enough to turn a frown upside down. It allows you to focus better and gives you a momentary positive outlook on things. Not only this, but there is research suggesting that having sex lowers blood pressure. Sex is a good way to end a long, tiring day, or, for some it is actually the best way to begin the day before doing anything else. 

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3.     It provides intimacy

Sex reinforces the intimacy of a relationship. When you and your lover make love, it can be therapeutic and reassuring, as you are both vulnerable to one another. Many couples become busy, especially if they are a full household with children– and the time to actually be intimate is scarce, so they opt for romantic weekends or dinners out to rekindle their sex lives and make it more passionate because sex is one way to show attraction to one another. 

4.     It is a fat burner

Having sex engages several muscles including your core, your legs, your back and arms. The movement in itself actually burns several calories per minute, making it a way to actually burn fat. So in a way, sex is definitely its own workout. The more you work out, the sweatier you will be and the more calories you would have burned through. Try different positions or sex practices to give yourselves a wider range to pick from, and continue to give yourselves the best sexual experiences you can and keep your heart pumping.