In each city, new owners are offered new real estate programs. Thus, a new program can allow you to access the property without necessarily having a personal contribution on departure. Then you become the owner of the house or apartment in the city (or around the city). In addition to their advisory role in designing their homes, real estate developers support future homeowners in the financial package and advise them on the various aids offered to first-time buyers of condo for rent Pandan Indah or Puchong Utama house for sale to be nearer to Segambut.

Prepare your bank file before going to the bank

When making an appointment with your banker, it is important to prepare the necessary documents to study your real estate file.

  • Your ID and your husband’s ID.
  • Last tax notification
  • The last 3 salary payments of each debtor
  • Your current account history for the last 3 months
  • Your sales contract (if you have already signed the sales contract)

If you go to the interview with your banker without documents before studying your real estate file and you have no contribution to the purchase of your house, you risk a refusal from him.

So it is better to put all the chances on your side.

Make a list of arguments in your favor

Think for a few minutes about the arguments that allow your bank advisor to lend you money without making a personal contribution.

  • Do you have a current account management?
  • Are you on a permanent contract?
  • You or your spouse?
  • What is the current rent? 
  • Will the loan maturity be the same? 

If so, present this argument.

  • Will you receive a sum of money in the coming months? 

Inheritance and donations

In short, list all the reasons that will allow you to buy your home without a contribution.

Set a budget designed to present to the banker

When you meet with your banker (to study the possibility of buying your future home), present him with your monthly budget. This will prove your credibility. He will certainly be able to believe that you manage your accounts scrupulously, so he will have more confidence to borrow your funds.

If you can, plan a save (saving) plan for the next few months

It will allow you to deal with the various expenses related to the decoration of the future house and in addition, the bank advisor will show you how serious you are in managing your finances.

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