Ships are essential vessels, not only to trade, but to understand our personal history and reliance on water. Traveling is a largely popular activity, but many not be willing to try traveling by ship vessels. The horrors of the Titanic are, apparently, one prominent force that persuades people from trying it. Freight service providing certified supply chain service in Malaysia are some of our biggest contributors to trade and globalisation. Just think of the process of ordering an item from the UK and how it gets to Uganda. It is a long process that involves a strict mechanism to get from one point to the next. Imagine how cars are ordered from Japan, or large housing materials. Shipping is still a vital part of humanity and how we function. Here are some of the most fascinating ships in modernity and modern history.

The Largest Ship In The World

The largest ship was called the Seawise Giant built in Japan in the year 1979 by the industrial giant Sumitomo Heavy Industries. However in 1988 it sustained damage and sank.  It was almost 450 metres high and weighed more than 260 000 gross tons. The expanse of this ship made it the largest man-made shipping vessel and the largest oil tanker to exist. TT Seawise Giant has gone by many names over the years as it was damaged and restructured and, at times, repurposed. It began as a Seawise Giant, but then became Oppama,  Jahre Viking, then proceeded to be called Happy Giant. The names Knock Nevis or Mont are also some of the names used. It’s height places it taller than the Petronas Towers and the Empire State Building! That is one impressive vessel.

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The Fastest Ship In The World

Named after the Pope from Argentina, Francisco is recognised as the fastest ship in the world. It was built in Tasmania and named as such by the president of Argentina. It is 99 metres in its dimensions and was built by the company Incat Tasmania Pty Ltd, an Australian ferry builder. This ship is able to travel at whopping speeds of up to 58.1 knots, the equivalent of just above 107 kilometres per hour. The ship has the capacity to carry about 1000 passengers and up to 150 cars because of its spaciousness. It is still In service to this day and retains its title as the fastest and most efficient ferry worldwide with its dual engines that are based on jet engine conversions.

The Most Famous Ship In History

The most famous ship in the world is indeed the Titanic. The luxury cruise liner that sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean after striking an iceberg in 1912. Its construction took years, from 1909 to 1911. The Titanic was built by Harland and Wolff under the ownership of the British White Star Line.