The career of Information Technology Management is linked to the Informatics area, involving the management of physical and logical infrastructure resources in computerized environments. In practice, this professional defines parameters for the use of systems, takes care of the implementation and documentation routines, controls the service levels of operating systems and databases, manages the human resources involved in these processes and manages the systems deployed.

Whoever takes the course in Information Technology Management, as well as all the personnel trained in the IT area in general, finds a heated market with good salaries. Learn more about Information Technology Management, a promising career that offers good job opportunities!

Career in Information Technology Management

Information Technology Management offers a promising career, which can be pursued both in the public and private sectors and in third sector companies. As technology is increasingly present in people’s lives and it is difficult to imagine a company that does not need it, the Information Technology Management professional can work in the most different sectors of the economy, from the financial area to the health sector, passing, of course, by IT companies.

This professional can perform functions in all layers of the company hierarchy, occupying positions of consultant, manager and even director. This is because the Information Technology Management course prepares the student to assume strategic roles in the company, supporting decisions involving technological investments, hiring and management of specialized labor.

About the Information Technology Management course

There are several higher technology courses (technologist) in Information Technology Management throughout the country. With an average duration of 2 years, it has disciplines focused on the practical part of the profession, such as:

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Information Technology Project Management
  • Quality management
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology Governance
  • Logic
  • Process Modeling
  • Systems Modeling
  • Information Technology Strategic Planning
  • Information Technology Management Faculties recognized by MEC

It is not difficult to find Widad college that offers the Information Technology Management course. Malaysia already has almost 200 options. If you are looking for more than IT, universiti kursus keusahawanan is also available.

And when there is so much choice, it is important to redouble the care. The first one is to check if the college has the recognition of the Ministry of Education (MEC) and is authorized to offer the course. Then, it is important to seek a renowned college, with modern infrastructure and good location.

But the choice doesn’t end here! Those who are smart will want to make every cent of their investment count, even looking to pay less to study at a great college – the famous cost-benefit ratio. Nowadays, you can find great institutions that participate in federal government programs to expand access to higher education. Usually, these same colleges also have their own ways of offering financial advantages to students, such as discounts, scholarships, and financing without bureaucracy.