Although it might be challenging and uncomfortable, most people believe that it is important and necessary to teach children about sex. Basic sexual anatomy, the science of reproduction, information on abstinence, medically accurate facts about contraception, and a list of sexually transmitted illnesses and how to prevent them should be taught to children once they reach a certain age. 

Being aware of STDs

A lot of sexually transmitted diseases are extensively covered in sex-related programming. Many students are experiencing a full study of the origins and effects of STDs for the first time during this course. Plenty of  sex education teachers also encourage anatomical awareness about the biological side of sex in the same health classes to make the students they are teaching feel more comfortable about discussing their bodies. Students who still engage in sexual activity are informed about the need to take care in order to avoid sexually transmitted infections. When they know about the diseases, they take more safety precautions instead of just rushing in without being fully aware of the whole story. 

Consent is key

A crucial component of sex education programmes is the explanation and coaching of consent in sexual action. Teaching self-confidence and self-control can start long before high school. Students can learn that consent implies no one is permitted to touch their body without their permission in sex education lessons. Students who have experienced sexual assault should report it. By teaching them that no means no, they will feel more open to coming forward, rather than feeling that they were not clear enough, or anything they did had given an unspoken consent to the offending party. 

Safe sex 

What is safe sex? It means using protection when you do the deed. Most people think they know what safe sex is but the sad thing is that there are not that many people that have a healthy understanding of it. Some people think that having unprotected sex is fine as long as certain techniques are used. Unless the goal is to get pregnant, taking the proper precautions is vital. That means for all of the time, not just when it is convenient. Protected sex is not just to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but also prevent contracting any STDs

Adult toys

The usage of sex toys should also be covered under sexual education. Vibrators, bullets and dildos might be called adult toys but sometimes it’s not just adults who make use of them. Just like the topic of sex, sex toys can also be quite uncomfortable to discuss with teenagers. However, it needs to be done because it is through ignorance that mistakes happen. Even the simple act of purchase needs to be taught because buying from dodgy places can only cause problems. Opt for more trustworthy options, such as from Teaching them what is what, how it’s used, and how to keep it clean is important, not just from an educational standpoint, but also from a health and safety standpoint.