Dinnerware sets can serve as the focal point of a dining room. Plates and bowls aren’t the only items needed to serve meals at a dinner table. Elegant dinnerware not only enhances the flavour of the food you cook, but it also sets the tone for your home dining experiences and enables you to express your own personal style. Before deciding on a dinnerware set for your house, it’s important to understand and appreciate the many kinds of tableware, which vary from formal settings for beautiful dinner parties to everyday pieces that are used on a regular basis.

Tableware is made of a variety of materials.

Whether you call it dinnerware, plates, crockery, or anything else, it may be the centrepiece of your table. Prior to deciding on patterns and colours, it’s a good idea to focus on the kind of cloth you like the most. This is an excellent starting point. Bone china, earthenware, porcelain, melamine, and stoneware are the most often used dinnerware. Earthenware also includes bone china. As you buy serving dishes and platters malaysia and find the perfect solutions.

To help you narrow down your options, here are a few benefits of several types of tableware:

Dishwasher Safe Tableware made of bone china is ideal for both everyday usage and special events because to its high resistance to chipping. Bone china, on the other hand, is light and durable. Unlike fine china, which cannot be microwaved or cleaned in the dishwasher, it is the most durable kind of china.


The worth, robustness, and inviting simplicity of a casual ambiance are all exuded by earthenware. Your dinnerware will also be heavier since it is made of one of the oldest industrial materials. If you want this dinnerware to retain its best look, avoid exposing it to abrupt temperature changes, such as those induced by the oven or high settings on the microwave.

Non-porous and very durable, porcelain is a result of being fired at extremely high temperatures. It is possible to employ porcelain in a number of ways. Dishwashers, microwaves, and ovens are all safe places to clean and bake porcelain pottery. You should be aware that certain porcelain china has metallic accents, and as a result, you should not microwave these items.

Shatterproof and more resistant to chipping than glass, melamine sets are the stuff of dreams for anybody in the entertainment business. It’s a good idea to bring melamine dinnerware with you while you’re camping. In contrast, melamine tableware should not be used in the oven or microwave, but may be cleaned in the dishwasher. 


The distinctive finishing glaze on stoneware dinnerware sets provides the material a smooth look and an impermeable surface, making it ideal for use in the dishwasher. Because of its resistance to stains and spills, stoneware is ideal for everyday use in households with children and pets. 

Tableware comes in many shapes and sizes

If you want to give your dinnerware a particular flair, you don’t have to go far. They may be found in a wide range of looks, from the more casual to the more fashionable, and everything in between. Tableware sets made of china, porcelain, or stoneware tend to be the most luxurious. Beautiful sets of casual dinnerware may be made from both earthenware and melamine.

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