Every new parent in the world wishes to do everything possible to ensure that their lovely newborn is cared for properly. A newborn can also be a whirlwind of activity and joy in your life, but have you planned ahead of time to become a parent? Here’s a newborn baby checklist to assist you to figure out what you’ll need and get ready for your first kid. Aside from taking good care of yourself before giving birth as a mother by eating all the healthy Malaysian food, you’ll also have to prepare the necessary things for your newborn baby.

disposable breast pad

1.       Bath items

You must wait till your baby’s umbilical cord falls off for the first week or two, therefore doctors recommend giving your baby a sponge wash. After that, you have the option of bathing your kid every day or three times a week. This is because bathing your infant too frequently might cause their skin to become dry or irritated. You’ll require the following bathing items:

1)      3-5 Baby Washcloths

2)      1-2 Hooded Towels

3)      1 Baby Sponge

4)      1 Bottle of Baby Bath Wash

5)      1 Bottle of Baby Lotion

6)      A Baby Bath Tub

Although many parents prefer to bathe their newborns in baby baths, the kitchen sink can suffice. All you have to do now is make sure it’s been cleaned recently. You might also go for a minimalist approach to shopping. You might want to get a newborn-friendly soap and lotion, for example, because baby skin is quite delicate.

2.       Diapers

Although diapers are an apparent necessity for a newborn, selecting the correct type of diaper for your infant can be complicated and stressful. You should be aware that cloth diapers and disposable diapers have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Diapers that are appropriate for your family and lifestyle are always the greatest option. Many families use both cloth and disposable diapers, so you should try with both to find which you prefer. Babies also can go through 8 to 10 diapers per day, so make sure you have plenty available if you are using disposable.

3.       Grooming Items

You don’t need to equip your baby bag with a shitload of baby grooming products because babies can be stuffy at first. Because infant nails grow so quickly, you’ll definitely need to know how to clip them. You’ll also need to be able to take your baby’s temperature, clean their nose, and administer first aid if necessary. Bulb syringe, medicine dropper, digital thermometer, and baby nail clippers are all items you’ll need to purchase. You should also be aware that buying baby pain relief medicine for newborns is not necessary because it is not recommended till the baby is three months old or older.

 4.       Clothing and Layette

 Despite the fact that you want to show off your small one in lovely costumes, it is advisable to buy simple, plain, budget-friendly apparel. In the first few weeks, your baby doesn’t require anything special. It’s also recommended not to buy a lot of stuff for your newborn because he or she will outgrow it quickly, and you’ll have to change outfits frequently because a newborn can get filthy rapidly.

5.       Feeding Supplies

You don’t need much more than your breast to feed your kid if you breastfeed. You may also require the contact details of a qualified lactation consultant or a nursing support organisation. If you wish to feed your baby formula, talk to your doctor about which brands and types of formula to buy, as well as how much formula to have on hand when you bring your baby home. The most crucial considerations if you breastfeed your kid, you may require a large number of burp cloths. You may also require other supplies such as bottles, a bottle brush, and a selection of bottle nipples in various sizes if you are bottle-feeding. Nursing bras, breast pumps, disposable breast pads, nursing pillows, and nipple cream are among essential items for new mothers.