Childbirth can be a very traumatic experience for some. It requires strength and high pain endurance that no one else can relate to. Except other mothers of course. But, it all becomes clear when you first catch the sight of your newborn baby. During that moment, almost all that pain, sweat and tears are forgotten. You are holding your baby full of joy and tears. After carrying them for 9 months straight, they are finally in your world.

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As previously mentioned, childbirth is a grueling process. So, it is not easy for mothers, especially new mothers to adapt and transition easily back into a woman. Particularly if she intends on being the woman she used to be before the pregnancy. However, you should realise that after such an unforgettable experience, you can’t just go back to the way things were. You need to accommodate the changes your body will experience both physically and mentally.

If these changes intimidate you, you should start by examining the possible changes before the baby comes. One you are aware of the changes, you will be able to guess what’s coming and not be afraid. Here is a brief list of changes to expect after childbirth. 

Breast Enlargement

One of the more prominent changes you will experience is breast enlargement. Your body needs to produce milk for your newborn. This milk is produced at your breasts, and they tend to take up some space. So, in order to accomodate for the milk, your breast starts to grow in size. When it does, you will be able to store and release the milk from then onwards. However, it comes with certain issues. First, your nipples might start to itch because the skin is stretching. Next, it might start feeling uncomfortable because if the milk is not released on time, it accumulates. Finally, your breasts might start leaking a couple of times, so remember to keep your maternity bras and keep wearing them. 

looking for postpartum care package in Malaysia

Postpartum depression or Baby Blues

After a few weeks of childbirth, it is normal to feel sad. As mentioned before, it is a traumatic experience, so your body is mentally still healing from its effects. So, be prepared to feel sad, suddenly cry, become irritated out of nowhere, and experience waves of emotion at times. This is perfectly normal for at least six weeks. It is a condition called Baby blues that every mother experiences. 

However, if you continue to feel these symptoms after six weeks, it might be time to consult your gynaecologist. Usually these experiences start to wither after those six week, but in some rare cases it stays. At this point, your body can’t seem to move on, and will be in a depressive state for quite some time. In order to deal with the issue, there are prescriptions the doctor could administer. These will help you feel immensely better. So, after your newborn has come, analyse your behavior and actions. Keep track of them by journaling. 

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