During the inspection, inspect the property thoroughly. If you see cracks, mold or other signs of damage on the walls, have the house or apartment inspected by a specialist. This is the only way to reduce the risk of buying the property “profitably” and then repairing defects that you did not notice. If, on the other hand, you are buying an older property with the fact that you will be repairing it, calculate the total cost of purchase and repair before the purchase. Only in this way can you compare your intention with the price of a neighboring Putra Heights  apartment, which is more expensive but does not need to be repaired.

Why Insist On A Written Contract

A written contract must be concluded for the purchase of any real estate. An oral agreement is not enough and is invalid by law. When drawing up a contract, it is important to keep in mind every little thing and describe the property and its accessories carefully. It is therefore better to entrust the preparation of such a contract to a lawyer or a notary. This will prevent unnecessary complications and cases where problems with a poorly prepared transfer are solved for several years after its implementation.

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To The Condo For Sale Putra Heights  As Soon As Possible

Once the contract has been concluded, it is important to deliver it to the real estate condo for sale in Putra Heights  as soon as possible. In the past, there were clever people who sold the same property to several people in one day. The property is always rewritten to the person who delivers the relevant documents to the cadastral office first. Any transaction or manipulation with the real estate or change of its owner is marked on the extract from the real estate condo for sale in Putra Heights with a special mark “P”. If you see it on the statement, you can check what it means in the condo for sale in Putra Heights. Immediately before signing the contract, the property owner should prove himself with a fresh statement. And on it you can check whether the house or apartment still belongs to him.

When And How To Pay The Purchase Price Of

property you are buying, but does not become your property on the date of receipt of the contract and a proposal for the transfer of ownership to the land registry office, but because it so happens back after so decides Land Registry Office, this in the meantime, it can take several months. You do not want to logically give money out of hand until the property is yours. And the seller doesn’t want to sign anything with you until he gets paid. A simple solution is to deposit money when signing the contract with a notary, lawyer, real estate agent or bank deposit. The funds will be paid to the seller only when a new owner is registered in the real estate condo for sale in Putra Heights.