The type of valve needed by code for fire safety water main service lines connected to the city’s water distribution system is an OS&Y valve. It is vital to utilise the correct main control valve inside the structure when installing a new water main for fire protection to ensure optimal operation. The main control valve should be tested for code compliance even while repairing a water main to give fire protection to an existing line. In fact, an OS&Y valve Malaysia provides a level of protection that is unmatched by a regular gate valve or ball type valve.

What exactly is an OS&Y valve and how does it function?

In technical terms, the abbreviation OS&Y stands for ‘Outside Screw and Yoke.’ As a result, when the handle is turned, the valve’s gate is immediately raised or lowered by engaging directly with the valve’s steam. Threading connects the handle with the stem, allowing them to communicate with one another. Looking at the stem of the valve from outside its body, while the handle remains in a fixed position, allows you to see how much it raises or lowers. The gate within the body of the valve rises in tandem with the stem of the valve, allowing water to pass through the body of the valve. Even when the valve is closed, an OS&Y valve is always visible, whether it is open or closed. This is necessary for the proper operation and maintenance of fire alarm systems.

OS&Y valve Malaysia

The fact that whether an OS and Y valve is open or closed is always obvious appears to contribute to the valve’s long lifespan. The ability to view the stem, which clearly indicates whether the valve is raised or lowered, reduces a lot of the guesswork required in valve manipulation. As a result, it’s less likely that the valve will be operated with excessive force. Furthermore, they look to be of superior quality build than many other types of common water valves because they are UL approved.

What is an OS&Y valve and why is it important?

Because a fire sprinkler main is only intended for fire protection and not for anything else, it’s impossible to tell if the water is running in the typical way. As you might assume, flushing the toilet or turning on a faucet will not notify you if the fire sprinkler system is triggered. You can see whether or not the water is switched on by taking a quick look at an OS&Y valve with the stem elevated out of the valve body. A visual examination of a traditional gate type valve will not reveal whether the valve is open or closed in either direction.

When installing water mains, all main control valves must be locked in the open position for fire safety. This eliminates the risk of someone accidentally closing the valve and turning off the fire sprinkler system throughout the building or complex.