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How do global commodities get from one location to another? Surprisingly, 90% of everything still travels by ship at sea, despite technological breakthroughs and the growth of a globalized economy. It is indisputable that shipping containers are essential to the existence of the world economy. This supports the idea that it is still one of the most significant sectors of the economy. Since the dawn of time, shipping has been a major component of global trade. Despite being one of the oldest industries, it is still one of our largest sectors and continues to be vital to our contemporary society.

We know that 90% of the world’s cargo transportation is carried out by the maritime sector. It continues to be a popular mode of transportation today. Since then, door-to-door services and other variations of sea shipping have developed to better serve shippers. Despite being one of the most significant global industries, there are still few individuals who are familiar with the shipping sector.

To give you a better understanding of the shipping industry, in this article, we’ve curated a list of interesting facts about the shipping industry that you might have never heard of before. 

the best shipping company in Bintulu
  1.  The backbone of the global economy

The ability of shipping to provide affordable and effective long-distance transport places it at the center of the global economy. The demand for sea transport, which is primarily fueled by imports and exports of manufactured goods and raw materials for the industrial sector, is generally driven by the world economy unless there are exceptional circumstances. It is important to note that international trade would not be feasible without the shipping industry, which is reportedly responsible for over 80% of world trade.

  1. The largest container ship is 400 meters long

The world’s biggest container ship has been constructed and brought to Shanghai. The largest container ship in the world is 400 meters long, with a carrying capacity of 240,000 tonnes, and was built to offer lower costs per container and quicker transit times. There are hundreds of ships of this size, and shippers are constantly looking to upsize even more in order to benefit from economies of scale.

  1. There are thousands of cargo ships in the oceans at one time

Almost everything you own was sent to you from elsewhere in the world. On land, it’s simple to forget that there are approximately 55,000 cargo ships traveling the world’s oceans at any given time, each carrying up to more than 5 million containers of cargo.

  1. The most cost-effective cargo transportation

One of the most economical means of transporting cargo is still via ship. Because a ship can carry more cargo at once than an airplane, sea freight, especially the ones provided by the best shipping company in Bintulu is substantially less expensive than air freight.

  1. The greenest among the other cargo transportation

The largest and most environmentally friendly form of transportation is shipping. This is so because shipping uses significantly less energy than moving cargo by truck or aircraft, which both emit damaging greenhouse gases.