We never know when a crisis is going to come hit us. When a business is hit with crises the first in line with the information is our social media accounts. We get both our good and bad news from social media. 

The way a company portrays its good and bad news is crucial. Are they empathetic? Drowning in too much sympathy? Showing lack of accountability? Or giving too many promises? 

It is crucial to choose your crisis response carefully on social media. This is where thousands and millions of people are plugged in to listen to you. Efforts of branding Malaysia has done can go up in seconds as a result of bad crisis management on social media.

So how can companies ensure they react in a proper manner? There are many things that must be in place to make sure social media managers react appropriately. 

Placing Objectives And Policies In Case Of A Crisis 

Preparing for a crisis should never be held off. We should be preparing for all the possibilities of an upcoming crisis. While we cannot foresee a pandemic coming, there are some crises that we can predict and overcome. Imagine Mcdonald’s running out of chicken? That’s a crisis that is certainly eye-opening. Similarly, we saw a very swift response to the KFC chicken incident. They literally ran out of chicken because of a slight issue with delivery and warehouse. Hundreds were held off from their servings of the fried chicken.

KFC was quick to respond on their social media and owners up to their mistake by rearranging their letters on the KFC bucket to” FCK”. Certainly, the colorful response and advertisement one can imagine. However, not all crises are the same. We cannot place humor or sleekness in each response. Different social media responses come with different purposes, such as if you were one of the best florist in KL, perhaps humour may not be the best concept to go for during these trying times.

Using Social Media To Understand What Your Audience Is Saying 

Your greatest tool at your disposal is social media. Because this is where you can both listen ad talk to thousands at the same time. When we listen to people we have an understanding of what they are saying about us. What people perceive about the brand how the brand must act accordingly to these perceptions. So when faced with a crisis, a social media team must take note of what exactly people are saying about you on social media. Many social media listening tools and monitoring tools can help us observe the conversation unfolding. Depending on the severity of the response, our response must also match the same wavelength. 

Clearly Communicate With Your Audience 

How many businesses tried to sneak their way into drive profit using a crisis? Too many to count. Let’s take the pandemic as an example. So many tried to profit off of the pandemic by selling masks and sanitizers rather than choosing a more humanitarian response to the pandemic. People are aware of how big companies, celebrities, and influencers reacted to the pandemic on social media. They are aware of what communication strategy they chose. Are they trying to muddle in profit in their response? Are they trying to trick their audience? Are they going to give meaningless empty words and promises? 

There are so many things to keep in mind when strategizing our social media response. Think about your audience and how you can fulfill their needs during a time of crisis.