Every invention has positive and negative effects on society. Similarly, the invention of the internet has both merits and demerits. In this brief article, we will discuss some merits and demerits of the internet. Down below we have prepared a table to compare the merits and demerits of the internet to see whether the internet has more demerits than merits. 

One can easily communicate with someone who is not in the same city or country as him with the help of the internet. The ability to send and receive emails has also given cybercriminals the opportunity to spread spam and malware. Malware hidden in email attachments can harm one’s computer or even create a backdoor to allow an attacker to gain access to one’s system.
With the development of the Internet, we can now send and receive messages via e-mail, almost instantly and without a stamp.
Instead of waiting in long lines to go to a mall and shop, you can now do all your shopping with just a few mouse clicks.While the internet has given people the ability to shop online, it has provided cybercriminals with another way to steal personal information and spread malware. Cybercriminals create bogus websites that sell goods at unbelievable prices to lure people. 
The internet has made it easy for people to determine which one offers the best selection and best prices by comparing prices between different online retailers.Cybercriminals can use car downloads to spread malware to legitimate websites. Since popular and legitimate online shopping websites already attract large numbers of visitors, it is much easier for cybercriminals to infect a wider range of computers in less time. 
Online banking has pretty much become the norm these days. Log into your online accounts to pay bills, transfer funds, or simply check your account balance.Legitimate websites may unintentionally distribute malware to visitors via malicious advertisements (or advertisements) run by third parties or by hackers who only take control of the website itself.
Because of the internet one does not need to go to your local bank and wait in line for the cashier to complete his transactions. With the internet, one can skip the line completely by logging into his account remotely on his computer and completing the transaction at any time of the day or night.The internet has made banking more efficient and useful for consumers, it has also given cybercriminals the opportunity to potentially steal your hard-earned cash. Cybercriminals can trick you into downloading a backdoor Trojan which will allow them to access your PC and then log your banking information. As noted in the Electronic Communications section, cybercriminals can trick you into providing your login information
The Internet offer convenience in sharing and receiving information between users.
Another advantage of the modern Internet is that it can be automated. For instance, a smart thermostat can reduce energy bills by automatically adjusting the temperature when it senses one leaves the house. It also “learns” one’s heating and cooling preferences and adapts them to his needs.While a smart thermostat can help one cut his energy bills, the downside is that a hacker can take advantage of the thermostat’s hardware and use it to spy on homeowners. Since smart thermostats have access to information, e.g. home address, one’s zip code and WiFi credentials, a hacker who has attacked the thermostat can now access all this information.
The internet also helps the students in their learning experience by making the learning experience more fun and exciting. Smart thermostats aren’t the only devices vulnerable to attack. This list includes thermostats, televisions, webcams, fountain control systems, home alarms, and door locks. The truth is that all of these devices that require an internet connection have loopholes and vulnerabilities that can be exploited by almost anyone.
The internet has a vast range of information and knowledge and the students can instantly get their answers at any time of the day. 
With the help of the internet, anyone can now easily plan his or her trip and can also compare the prices of different hotels, restaurants, flights, motels, etc. 

With the above table, one can clearly see that the internet has more merits than demerits. Therefore, one should not wait anymore and have an internet connection at soon as possible to get the maximum benefits of the internet. Apply Time 500mbps right now if you are a citizen of Malaysia to get the most affordable internet package and fastest internet speed. Especially with Time fibre package Malaysia.