Often, in construction crews, we are always working as a team. We are consistently liaising with other parties and building relationships with building material distributor Malaysia and so on. Our responsibilities never fall short and the list only grows longer and longer every day. So it is fairly possible that our motivation thins out every now and then. 

As employers, it is our responsibility to understand what happens when motivation starts to think out in a construction site. Negligence increases, the quality of the work delivered takes a hit, the productivity plummets, friction between members grows, and most importantly the cost for the business doubles. Keeping employees motivated is not exactly such an expensive job. But what’s more, expensive is the aftermath of having an unmotivated crew and producing ineffective results that are filled with mistakes and no essence of satisfying work. 

Motivation is the driving force of actions. They are what pushes us towards a goal-defined action.  Improving motivation will dramatically improve overall productivity, job satisfaction, and so on. Some factors that improve motivation in a construction crew environment are things like good communication, better job advancement, improved participation, greater incentives, rewards, variety in the tasks, having clear goals, and ofcourse, job security. Oftentimes people in construction crews are deprived of the sense of achievement and job security which easily hinders their own work performance. 

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Here are some things you can do as an employer to boost the level of motivation in the project environment. 

Give Praise Where It Is Due 

As employers, it is important that we recognize the hard work of our employees. There is a reason why things like “employee of the month” are implemented in huge corporations. It is seen to have a direct effect on the level of work performed on the employee and their team members. Even if you do not give a specific title to all your employees, a meeting to address the hard work and giving praise is important. Regular feedback and regular praise will keep employees on their toes. 

A Channel Of Open Communication 

Many employees note lack of communication, especially verbal communication as the main culprit of demotivation. Everyone needs a little bit of active listening and proper conversations. Having clear commands, goals laid out, and the tasks specified will help employees act accordingly in a goal-oriented manner. This also makes it easier for supervisors to give open feedback on their actions

Cultivating A Better Work Culture 

Your work culture also defines the level of motivation among employees. A positive work environment is bound to reflect on the work performed. So the work culture we cultivate should be aimed at providing satisfaction to employees and the company. 

Including Variety Of Tasks 

Making our job so mundane and routine is definitely not going to motivate employees. There is always a need for something new. The “new” in the job does not have to be drastically different but it can be just a different task for the day or a different order of the task. Bringing variety into work breaks them from a mundane routine and puts them in an exciting mood. 

Remember, a happy mood equals productivity. And productivity directly reflects on the attractiveness of the business as a brand.